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Mairiatar irrigation system


Background information:

The Masjhi community is already for a very long time traditionally located nearby a bridge that crosses a river and is thus highly dependent on the fishing industry. Members of this community needed to earn their living by fishing or by boating. Due to an increase in population as well as changes in regulations related to environment protection those people are now forced to change their traditional occupations and started to concentrate on farming.

The earthquake, occurring in March 2015, destroyed the community from Mairitar and Nuwakot. About 200 families living in the Masjhi community lost their homes. At the moment, those families are living in temporary emergency shelters. Additionally the population is struggling in maintaining their livelihood. Reason for this is, that the 80 hectare sized fertile ground they possess cannot be utilized due to a lack of irrigation system.

These circumstances are major threats to the survival of the members of the Masjhi community.

Further Strategy and Aim

The group „Quake Volunteers“ have already been cooperating with other organizations on local, national as well as international level in order to develop a plan which is suitable to solve this problem. They are pursuing to install irrigation systems in regions that were highly affected by the earthquake in order to help the population concerned to survive.


The implementation of the Mairitar-irrigation-system project takes place according to following steps:

  1. Composition of an irrigation-system organizational team. It will be responsible for organization as well as coordination of all necessary activities.
  2. Mobilization of the community members: The major part of the physical work will be conducted by the community.
  3. A Technical Team (incl. Engineer) will be responsible for the technical part.
  4. The Organizational Team will form a purchasing team which is responsible for the purchasing of required materials.


location: Mairitar, Khdgabhyanjang, Nuwakot


Cost of the project


Total 806.350 NPR    exchange rate  06.03.2016—- 6.722,00 € Euro